#BigBlogmasProject Day 9: The Book Thief Screening with ASOS

Let’s just pretend this post isn’t a day late…

On Monday night I was very lucky to be invited along to a screening of the film “The Book Thief”, which is a film adaptation of the book of the same name by Markus Zusak. I hadn’t actually heard of The Book Thief until now – I think it’s quite a big and well-known book in America, but not so much in the UK. I was invited along by ASOS, and as I’m a Film and TV college student I thought it would be great to go along to.

The screening was at Covent Garden Hotel, which is (hence the name) in Covent Garden. After some confusion with my phone map (AKA I got lost) I found Covent Garden Hotel, where I met Laura, who works for ASOS, and the other lovely girls I was spending the evening with.

We were treated well at Covent Garden Hotel – we were greeted with wine and Coca-Cola, and some gorgeous canapé’s – My personal favourite out of all the canapé’s was the Salmon – it was heaven! After chatting to the girls, we were moved into the Screening room – which really was a proper little Cinema. One thing I noted about the Screening room is how much leg room I had – it wasn’t cramped like a cinema, it was a nice experience and there weren’t people climbing over me to get to their seats!

Now onto the film. I really, really wish I’d done a little bit of research beforehand about the film – then I could have made a mental note to pack tissues and waterproof mascara! It’s an emotional one, and I can honestly say the last time I cried that much at a film was when I watched My Sister’s Keeper 5 years ago – and I’m a Media student so I tend to watch a fair few films! 

The Book Thief is set in the 1930’s/40’s, before and during the Second World War. The main character, Liesel, is moved to a small town as she is being fostered by Hans and Rosa, a couple in the town. Her brother was meant to be fostered too, but he dies on the way to the new foster family, and at his funeral beside the train tracks, Liesel takes a book from the Gravedigger, and after learning to read it, becomes obsessed with books. Books are an ongoing theme throughout the film, hence the title of the film. I’m not going to go into loads of detail about the film itself as I believe it’s not due to hit Cinemas in the UK until early next year, but it’s about war and the challenges the people faced – especially when Liesel’s family hide a Jew in their house. One thing I liked about this film is that it’s set in Germany, so it’s from a German point of view. I’m used to seeing films set in Britain about the war, so it was good to see the war from another side. 

A still taken from the film – Credit to contactmusic.com
After the film I swiftly made a trip to the toilets to sort my face out (I wish I’d packed extra makeup now), and then had a chat with Laura about the film. The film screening and my comments on the film will be feautured in ASOS magazine soon (I believe it’ll be the February/March issue) so keep an eye out for that! I’m sure I’ll let you know when it’s out anyway but keep an eye out anyhow. 

I’d like to say a massive Thank-You to ASOS for inviting me along, thus allowing me to watch such a beautiful film.As both a Blogger and a Film/TV Student, it was a huge privilege for me to go along to the screening. I will probably go and see it again at the cinema when it comes out, as I would definitely watch it again. I’m going to read the book now as well! 

Sarah xx