NEW Kiss Look So Natural Eyelashes | First Look

I’ve been wearing false eyelashes for a couple of years now, for special events such as birthday events and parties. I rarely wear them now, just because I’ve always found them so hard to put on – particularly if they’re thicker lashes. When it comes to eyelashes, I just want soft, natural, lightweight lashes that are easy to apply. I’ve never found lashes that completely meet this criteria, so when an email popped into my inbox telling me about Kiss’ new line of lashes, the “Look So Natural” lashes, I just knew I had to try them.

The lashes have “revolutionary” tapered ends, which makes the lashes so soft, lightweight and natural that they feel like your own lashes – so they’re not heavy and they don’t weight your eyes/lashes down. The lashes get a big tick from me for this.

The “Looks So Natural” Lashes come in 5 shapes: Shy, Sultry, Vamp, Pretty and Iconic. To go with the line’s theme of naturalness, I’d say pretty much all of the lashes can be worn everyday – they all look super natural. 

The “Shy” lashes are thin, long lashes, The “Pretty” lashes give you a bit of a fuller look than the rest, so I’d say these would probably be the best ones for a night out or a special occasion. “Iconic” are still natural, but are slightly thickets – a cross between Shy and Pretty. “Sultry” gives a slightly more winged look and “Vamp” is fuller than Shy but not as full as Iconic. My favourites out of the range are the Iconic pair, as they give the lashes fullness and they make the lashes look thicker too, but still look really natural at the same time. I have quite long natural eyelashes, but lately I’ve noticed they’re not as full as they used to be, so the false eyelashes have made a comeback. 

This is the model “Vamp” on my eyes. I think the Vamp model is lovely, it’s like a longer, fuller version of my natural lashes. 

I’ve tried out the lashes and they really do what they say on the box – I’m so impressed with them. Because of their lightweight nature, they can easily be shaped to suit the shape of your eye. I found the glue that comes with them is really good glue too – it dries quickly and firmly. With all eyelashes, it’s best to apply the lashes to the eye whilst the glue is tacky, as this is when they take to the eye best.

Overall I’m really impressed with these lashes so far – as stated, they are lightweight and so, so natural! I can’t wait to wear these more often, as they take next to no time to put on and they’re incredibly natural. 

Kiss Look So Natural lashes will be available exclusively at Boots from the 5th of May. 

*Products were kindly sent to me for the purpose of this post.