A Belated Festive Post: Herts Xmas Blogger’s Meal | Events

If you’re missing the festive season already (like me) then here I have a little throwback to before Christmas for you. Following on from Scarlett & I’s Christmas meal last year, Myself and Bex hosted a blogger’s event for local bloggers in St Albans, just before Christmas, which was a fun-filled evening, filled with fabulous food and fabulous conversation in a festive atmosphere. Although we’ve now passed December, I still wanted to write about the evening, as I had a really great time and took lots of lovely pictures of food (I do love a bit of food porn.)

The event was held at Pizza Express in St Albans – a restaurant that is truly one of my favourites, as the food is affordable and delicious and the atmosphere is always fantastic – especially during the lead-up to Christmas. In total, there were 7 of us – Myself, Bex, Emily, Beth, Shona, Kavi and Lisa. I must admit, Bex and I were a bit disheartened by how many people dropped out or didn’t attend; but what can you do, everyone has their reasons and we still had a great time nonetheless.

I started my meal with dough balls, of course…

and then proceeded to demolish a gluten free margarita pizza. 

I can’t remember who ate this, but it looked lovely. 

Eventually the Limoncello came out (It tasted like toilet cleaner – not as nice as I remembered it to be!)

We had lots of chats and giggles over our delicious food – it was really lovely to catch up with some local bloggers. We chatted about a variety of different things (mainly blog-related, of course!) and just generally had a good time. It was so lovely to meet up with some bloggers so close to Christmas.

As always, there were goody bags at the event that I put together, including brands such as Yankee Candle & Co-Lab; everyone’s been raving about Co-Lab lately so I decided to pick up a few of the travel-sized cans for the goody bags. We also had some chocolates and some gorgeous nail varnishes from the Barbara Daly Trade Secrets range – kindly provided by Tesco. I can’t wait to try this brand out, as I’ve heard so much about it. 

A massive thank you goes to the lovely ladies who turned up to the event, to Tesco for helping with the goody bags, and to Pizza Express for being fabulous as always!

Now, back to it being 2015… I promise this will be the last christmas tree that you’ll see from me for now!

Keep in touch!

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