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Yesterday I went into town, to my local Lush store in St Albans, mainly because I haven’t been in there in ages, but also so I could check out the new Valentine’s Day range that they’ve released this year. I decided to buy some of the products to try out, as I’ve never really tried many products from the Valentines Day collection in previous years. I went a little big mad with this collection – usually I’ll buy two or three things from a collection, but I decided to give almost the entire collection a try. There’s some familiar faces making a comeback from last year, but there’s also some newcomers too…
First up, It’s the Cupid’s Love soap, a gorgeous red and white soap full of fruit. I nearly left without buying this, but I decided to get a little block of it to try. I love gorgeous-smelling soaps, and this one smells amazing – it’s got a sweet, fruity scent, but it’s not overpowering. It’s infused with fresh figs and passion fruit, so it’s definitely a fruity scent. It’s also quite a soft soap – you can bend and shape it slightly. It reminds me of another product from Lush, but I can’t think what – I’m sure it’ll come to me! Of course, I had to pick up a little bottle of the Prince Charming shower gel as well. I nearly left without this as well, as I had the mindset “I already have about 7 other shower gels to get through”, but I was won over by the sweet smell of marshmallows, vanilla and pomegranate. The smaller bottles are perfect for travelling with as well – either this or Snow Fairy will be coming with me on my trip to Paris later this year! I’d highly recommend this if you love sweet smells & marshmallows.
The Love Locket is another product that was around last year that I didn’t try. I can’t actually remember if I tried any of the range last year – I guess I’m making up for it this year! This smells gorgeous, it’s got vanilla and jasmine in it and it just goes really well together. This bomb is £6.95, which is more than the other bath bombs, but this bomb can be used three times – if you crack the heart in half, you then have two hearts, and there’s a little heart inside this heart, so really, you’re getting three bath bombs in one. If you shake the heart, you can often hear the little heart inside moving around.
Rose Queen isn’t in the new Valentine’s Day collection, it’s available all-year-round and is part of the standard collection, but as I was on a bit of a Valentine’s Day roll I decided to pick this up too – after all, it is Rose Queen, and who doesn’t love roses on Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t tried this, it’s a light, cute, rose-scented bath bomb, so it’s a really soft scent, and the bomb is filled with various flower petals as well. I haven’t used this in absolutely ages so I thought it’d be nice to pick up.
I think the Floating Flower may actually be one of my favourites from the collection – I am yet to use it in the bath but it just looks like it’d make the bathwater so pretty because of the three colours it uses. It’s got Jasmine and Ylang Ylang in it, so it’s a floral/oriental kind of smell – as per usual it smells amazing. This is a new addition to the collection – I definitely didn’t see it this year & I hope it’ll come back next year too!
The Lonely Heart bubble bar is for all those lonely hearts out there (#foreveralone). It’s a cute red heart coated in gold glitter (which transfers by touch, so prepare to be covered in glitter when you use it! It’s said to make the bath go red – of course, the perfect colour for Valentine’s Day, with added glitter for a pretty effect. It’s also got quite a soft feel to it, because it’ll moisturise your skin as well. This one also smells amazing as it is laced with lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang. It’s definitely got a hint of Avobath in there.
Last but not least, the Heart Throb bubbleroon. I LOVE bubbleroons – the Yuzu and Cocoa one being my favourite. I was really happy when I saw that another one for valentine’s day had been released. I like that these could be split in half and used twice – although sometimes I prefer to use a whole one to get more bubbles. This has a glittery, buttercream-like filling in between the two hearts, which smells quite natural and earthy – it reminds me of another scent, but I can’t think what. This smells slightly floral, with a hint of Vanilla as well.
That’s it from me for now, let me know if you’ve tried some of the new range! I really wanted to get the Unicorn Horn bubble bar as well, but they were out of stock, so fingers crossed I’ll get hold of one at some point!
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