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This week, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launched her first fragrance, Rosie for Autograph – A lovely perfume to go with her gorgeous Rosie for Autograph lingerie line. I’ve known about the lingerie line for quite a while – there are always adverts being played in-store at M&S advertising her line, so when I heard about Rosie’s perfume, I knew it would be gorgeous – just like the lady herself. I’ve seen quite a lot of coverage on Rosie’s Twitter and Instagram about her new perfume, and generally I think the launch has been quite publicised – it is Rosie’s debut fragrance after all! I popped into my local M&S yesterday to get my hands on a bottle of the perfume, to give it a try. To hear about what I think of it, keep on reading…

How pretty is the bottle? It’s a nice classic shape, I like how its quite simple but still beautiful. I think the rose gold features are perfect and tie in really well with the whole “Rosie” theme – naturally, Rosie has created a fragrance which is centred around roses, or, as she said, a rose garden, so I like all the rose-themed elements to the perfume as a whole. 

The perfume itself is a fresh floral fragrance – you can really smell the rose in there. It’s made from the oil of Centifolia roses, so it does have that lovely genuine rose scent to it. Sometimes i find that floral fragrances can be too overpowering and simply smell “old-ladieish” but I don’t find that at all with Rosie for Autograph – it’s very feminine and chic. It’s the perfect balance between strong and subtle too. It does smell and feel really luxurious – it should definitely be retailed for more than £14 – it wouldn’t look out of place next to Chanel and Dior! But that’s another thing I love about this perfume – it’s affordable. This little 30ml bottle was £14, which is crazy – I’m so used to paying about £50 for perfumes in Boots, so it’s really nice to only have to pay £14 for this one. There is also a 75ml bottle available for £28, so if you are head over heels in love with this perfume you can go on and buy the bigger bottle. Oh, and there’s also a candle and reed diffuser available too!

Luxurious, feminine and chic – those are the words I’d use to describe Rosie’s perfume. I am in love with this – it’s definitely taking pride of place on my dressing table next to all my other favourite perfumes. Rosie for Autograph is available HERE, exclusively at M&S.

Do let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this or are planning on buying this – I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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