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On Wednesday evening, I headed over to Lush in Luton for a fun-filled evening of Valentine’s Lush fun – in other words, heaven. As a complete lover of Lush, you can probably imagine the excitement when the invite to this landed in my inbox – it was definitely a yes from me!

The event was hashtagged as #LUSHValentines, no doubt due to fact that Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Awareness Day) is just over a week away, and Lush have an incredible Valentine’s range in-store are the moment (of which I did a little post on a while ago – read it here) so I was of course excited to see what Lush had to offer.  We were welcomed in by some of the staff at Lush Luton – who were all lovely and made us feel very welcome. There was also a selection of nibbles and drinks on offer too, which of course we all demolished!

We had the chance to look at the various products that Lush do, find out more about them & have some demos too. We had demos of two of the Lush Valentines bath bombs – Love Locket and Flower Bomb. Flower bomb is definitely a favourite of mine – I’m thinking I should stock up on them before they run out. It was really nice to be able and stand and talk about all things Lush – funnily enough, we also spoke about bath cocktails – where you mix two or more Lush products together to basically make a cocktail. I did a post on bath cocktails a while ago (read it here) so it was good to talk about them again – and get some new cocktail ideas too!

We also demo’d Unicorn Horn – a bubble bar that has been quite popular on social media lately, probably because it’s so Instagrammable. Here’s me making some bubbles below…

I could literally stand for hours just making bubbles with two jugs – trust me, it’s addictive. 

Unicorn Horn heaven.

More lovely bath bombs and bubble bars – although I’ve tried most of Lush’s bath bombs and bubble bars, theres still a few that I am yet to try.

This is the pattern that the Flower Bomb created – we just left it to fizz away for a while and eventually it formed this rather beautiful pattern. It’s definitely worth leaving this bath bomb in your bath for a while before you get in the bath – your bath will end up looking too good to ruin!

The effects of the Love Locket bath bomb – definitely romantic looking water! The heart shaped confetti is too cute. 

Ahh, Lonely Heart – Lush caters for those celebrating Singles Awareness Day rather than Valentine’s Day too! I have one from my last Lush Haul that I’m saving for Valentine’s Day. This smells amazing by the way – definitely smell it next time you’re in Lush. 

Banana shampoo! I love love LOVE bananas and banana scented things, so I was really intrigued by this. This is a shampoo for blondes that I now have on my wishlist. 

Thanks so much to Lush for putting on this event, and to the staff at Lush Luton for making it a great night and making us all feel so welcome.

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