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Today I wanted to talk about a campaign that is currently being run by Boost Juice Bars. If you’re not familiar with Boost, they are basically a fresh juice/smoothie bar chain, with an extensive selection of smoothies to choose from, which are made from fresh ingredients in front of you. Last year, they ran this campaign, and they’ve decided to bring it back again for another year. Let me tell you all about it…

So, the What’s Your Name Game is a campaign that Boost will be running until the 4th March 2015 – It began on the 5th February. Every day, Boost will announce three names on their Facebook page – two picked at random by them, and one picked by you, the public.  Anyone who’s first name is one of the selected names can receive a free Boost on that day. If your name is a shortened or abbreviation of a selected name, or if it’s spelt slightly differently (e.g. John and Jon) you still qualify for a free drink – although you will of course need some ID just to prove your name (If you’re under 16, something like a Library card will be accepted). It’s literally any drink off the menu, any time of day – as long as it’s the day that your name is chosen. Sounds simple, right? It’s SO easy to take part -just follow Boost on their Facebook page (Link Here), where they will announce the three names every day. Just keep an eye on the page and maybe your name will pop up!

In addition to just following Boost on Facebook or on Twitter, you can help yourself get in with a chance of your name being chosen, as Boost have set up a webpage (here) where you can register and your name will be put into a board full of names that could be chosen – that’s it instantly give yourself a chance of getting your name picked – so no matter how unusual your name may be, you have an extra chance of it being picked. I for one am SO excited about this – I really hope my name gets picked, particularly if I’m in London on a certain day – you see, if your name is picked, you can redeem your drink once per day per store – but you can redeem your free drink at numerous stores on one day – so if you’re in an area where there’s several Boost stores, you can redeem a drink at each of the stores (you won’t go thirsty and you can do a bit of a “Tour de Boost” if you do feel like going round various Boost stores in a day. 
So, who’s going to take part in the What’s Your Name Game? Kevin (here) took part, and I know I certainly will be too… I can practically smell that Berry Crush smoothie from here!

Good luck everyone!

Keep in touch!

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*I worked in collaboration with Boost for this post, and received compensation from them.