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Wow, it’s been a while since I last did a blog post! I’ve been ill this past week and I think generally I’ve kind of taken a bit of a break from social media over the past couple of weeks, but I can assure you I’m back now! Today I’m going to be sharing some of the things on my wishlist for Spring – we’re now in March (and nearly in April, shocking!) so I thought I’d collaborate all of the things I’m after into this wishlist. Hopefully it’ll give you some spring inspiration, and if it doesn’t I hope you enjoy reading it anyway!

1. New Look Lilac Floral Blouse: This year I feel like i should get back into blouses – I wore them a couple of years back but because I feel the cold I always seem to opt for a jumper instead, meaning that I literally have no blouses in my wardrobe now! As great as they look on, they don’t really hold much warm which I guess is what puts me off them – I do live in England after all! Maybe I’ll branch out this Spring – I love pastel colours at the moment, especially lilac, so this is just what I need. 

2. River Island White Wedges: I saw these instore today and oh my goodness, these are exactly what I’ve been looking for! If you follow me on Instagram then you probably will have seen the black wedges that I seem to wear on every single night out – these are the comfiest shoes ever and also make me look a bit taller next to my tall friends. I really wanted a white pair for summer, and it seems River Island can deliver me just that! These are perfect – they’re also available in a gorgeous pale pink colour too, which i’m also tempted by!

3. Topshop Crepe Crop Top: I‘m not sure if i’d actually have the confidence to wear this due to my slightly over friendly stomach, but I still think it is absolutely gorgeous and would look SO pretty in the day or on a night out. I love the colour – I’d have to see it in person to decide whether its more of a pale blue or a mint green. LOVE it. 

4. Miss Selfridge “En Vogue” Clutch Bag: I mentioned the white “Sparkle” version of this clutch bag in my recent night out essentials post, which I love – so much so that I want to get this in some other colours! This blue clutch would be perfect for spring – or if you’re looking for a more basic colour, they now do an all-white one here as well. These clutch bags are just perfect for nights out and for everyday use too – they look neat and chic with any outfit, but are also very spacious and fit a LOT in them. 

5. Ted Baker Lilac Large Bowcon Bag: Another bag! I actually bought the small version of this bag a couple of weeks ago for work – i have the worlds smallest locker so i have to have a small bag for work, but I just absolutely love the colour. I do want a shoulder bag that I can use all the time, so I thought I could get the large version of this! I do love the lilac but I would consider getting it in a different colour, just as i’ve already got the lilac mini one! The pink and nude ones are really nice too.

6. New Look Grey Double Buckle Heels: My friend Annabel spotted these in New Look yesterday, and oh my goodness, how gorgeous are they? They look SO nice on and they have a block heel, which I love. I used to be such a stiletto kind of girl, but now I prefer chunkier heels or wedges, just because they’re so much nicer to your feet and so much easier to walk in as well! I may have to head back for these on payday as they are just gorgeous. 

7. ASOS Blue Pastel Playsuit: This is SO pretty – I love the embellishment on it, a lot of work and detail has clearly gone into this piece. I think it’d look so cute either dressed up or dressed down – a really nice Spring piece. Of course, it’s my favourite shade of blue as well!

8. River Island Blue Leather Pointed Heels: I shared these on my Instagram last week after I saw them instore – how gorgeous are these?! I’m seriously in love with them, they’d go perfectly with my trusty Missguided Kayla Coat and would be so good for everyday and evening wear. If I could walk in them, that is. I literally can’t walk in this style of shoe for the life of me – I’m always convinced that it’ll come flying off my foot! Maybe I’ll have to try and train myself to walk in them, because these are too pretty to pass by. 

9. AX Paris White Plunge Midi Dress: As Spring is here, I feel like I should start wearing some lighter and brighter colours when I go out, as at the moment I seem to stick to black and gold! I love this white dress from AX Paris – this style of dress is gorgeous and I find midi dresses really flatter my figure, so I’m always on the lookout for bodycon midis to add to my collection. I would definitely need a tan with this dress though, as I’m very pale and this would definitely go better with tanned skin to contrast with!

10. ASOS Cross Back Jumpsuit: Last but not least, another pastel piece. I had a little look on ASOS last week, as I read somewhere (probably Twitter) that they had some gorgeous Spring pieces in. Whoever wrote that, they weren’t wrong – there are some gorgeous pieces on there! I was particularly taken by this jumpsuit, which has cross back detailing – great for a night out, not so great for tan lines in summer! I love the colour of this – it’s perfect for Spring. 

Again, apologies that there’s been such a low number of posts on Loved by Sarah lately – I do have stuff planned which I can’t wait to share with you! Let me know if you liked this post!

Have a great week!

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