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You may have seen me posting on social media over the past few days about my love for Boost smoothies – I actually did a post about their “What’s Your Name Game” promotion which ran throughout February – you can catch up on that here if you missed it. As I am one of Boost’s “Boost Bloggers”, I’ll be featuring their new products and flavours on my blog – so if you are a Boost lover, keep checking on here, on my Twitter and on my Instagram to see which boosts I’m loving. I had a Gym Junkie and a Banana Buzz last week – Banana Buzz is definitely my favourite at the moment! I just love how they taste amazing but are made with raw ingredients, so you know that you’re getting good, healthy drinks with no added artificial colours, ingredients or flavours… winning!

Boost are currently selling a limited edition Boost, their “Fruit Salad” boost – a popular LE flavour that was launched in 2013 and brought back last year and again this year. It skips the lettuce – it’s all about the fruit and it contains bananas, strawberries and mangoes, apple and tropical juice, strawberry and vanilla yoghurt and finally, ice. Not a vegetable in sight, just good, healthy, delicious fruit. The idea behind it is to recreate the taste of those fruit salad sweets that 95% of us probably had when we were younger – I remember them so well, they tasted so good! It’s even better that Boost are recreating this taste with fresh fruit – you can experience the fruit salad heaven whilst being healthy! 

Boost have stores dotted all over the UK, in places such as Brighton, London, Manchester and Birmingham (full store locator is available on their website here), so if you’re passing, definitely give them a try! I wish there was a Boost closer to me – my nearest one is in London, but it means that Boost is an extra special treat whenever i’m nearby one though – I’ll always make an effort to head over and pick up a smoothie.

So, who’s up for a Fruit Salad Boost?! 

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