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Today I thought I would talk about false eyelashes, as lately I’ve found myself wearing them more and more, and I’ve also been trying out new brands and styles too. I’ve found some firm favourite brands and lash styles – go-to brands that will instantly pop into my mind if I’m running low on eyelashes. Since I started going out and clubbing regularly, I have learnt how to apply these bad boys properly – which is great because now I find them super easy and quick to apply. Let’s talk about my favourites…

KISS Look So Natural Eyelashes: These are definitely my favourite lashes ever. I’ve always gone to these lashes ever since I did a review of them last year as they are just such amazing lashes. They’re really soft and so lightweight that I often forget I’m wearing them when I’m out. There’s 5 different styles to choose from, but my all-time favourites from this range are definitely the “Iconic” lashes – they’re natural enough to wear every day, but they’re thick enough that they can be worn on a night out as well. I’ve worn (and probably lost) countless pairs of these on nights out – I just keep on repurchasing them over and over again. 

Eyelure No. 101: Eyelure were probably one of the first eyelash brands that I ever tried, so of course, they will always have a place in my heart. I’m so happy that they sell multipacks of eyelashes as well – I really love these eyelashes, the 101’s. They’re not as long as most eyelashes (but still pretty long) and have a more full look – they make my lashes look so full and long when I wear them, making them an ideal choice for a night out. I have actually worn these during the day recently though, and they are quite wearable for daytime! I’ve been wearing these a lot over the past week and I love them – they give my lashes so much length and volume without looking spidery. 

Kiss iEnvy lashes: Last but not least, these eyelashes from Kiss – the iEnvy range. The model shown here is “Paparazzi 02” but to be honest I love the whole range so I though I’d keep my review of these quite general. My friend Emily from Em’s Lens actually introduced me to these on my birthday, they’re available in Primark for just £3, so they’re super affordable. These look SO nice on, they stay on and the glue that comes with them is good too. I always try and pick these up when I’m in Primark, as I just think for the quality they are such good value. My local Primark only stocks about 3 styles of these lashes, so I’m going to try and stock up on more different styles next time I’m in the Oxford Street store or something, as I understand there are lots of different styles of these available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and that it’s given you some eyelash inspiration or ideas! Do let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these out, or if you have any eyelashes that you think I should try out!

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