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Last Month I blogged about me running the Race for Life 2015, and today I wanted to give you a little bit of an update; how I’m getting on with my training, what I’m doing in preparation for the Race for Life and finally a few tips for you all, if you’re running the Race for Life too, or just fancied hearing a few training tips!

Training: I knew when I signed up for the Race for Life that I’d have to do some training to get myself where I want to be in time for the race. Last year, I did some training, but not as much as I could have done – and a lot could have been improved about my diet and lifestyle at the time as well. I completed the race in 43 minutes and 33 seconds, so that’s the time to beat for me this year. 

Mainly my training has consisted of a lot of running, some home exercises (Youtube is a godsend for this) and a few adjustments to my diet. I try to go out on runs at least 3 or 4 times a week – Eventually I’d like to go for a run every day, just for half an hour or so, but because I often finish work or college late, this doesn’t always happen! I’ve also cut down on the amount of bad food I eat – I prefer to eat salads and fresh food where possible. Oh, and I also drink a lot of water now.

My Top Training Tips

1. Invest in a good pair of running trainers I cannot tell you how much this will make a difference in your training; having a good pair of running shoes is so important, not only for the training but for the race itself too! I love my Adidas Energy Boost trainers – they’re so so comfortable and it literally feels like you’re running/walking on air! They’re also bright orange and have reflective strips for if, like me, you tend to go out for runs after dark. I just find that they are SO comfy – my other trainers are comfy too, but these just feel so easy to wear and so easy to run in. 

2. Get a Gym/Running Buddy! Oh my goodness, I wish I had a gym/running buddy; I feel like it’d be so good to have someone out running with me. Obviously I can’t really talk from experience for this tip as I don’t have a running buddy myself, but I do think and know that having a running buddy can be really beneficial; You’ve got someone with you by your side whilst you’re out running, who’s there to motivate you – and you can motivate them too! It’s also nice to have some company whilst your out, and a bit of a safety thing too – I hardly went out running in winter when it got dark early as it was just too dark for me to feel safe being out on my own – especially as some of the places that I do on my circuit can be quite remote. 

3. Create a music playlist for when you go out running I always listen to music whilst I’m out on a run – it’s definitely motivational and also it kind of gives you a bit of company if you are running on your own. I don’t think I can actually run properly without music playing – I normally run when it’s quite quiet so I like to have music on to motivate me and to act as some background noise. I see so many joggers out who all have their earphones plugged in. I recently started using Spotify Premium and I’m so glad I did, as I can now use it on my iPhone, which is perfect for when I go out on a run. Not only do I have my own playlist to listen to, I can also access other playlists as well (There’s a “Workout” section in the Browse bit of Spotify) which is great if I’m bored of my current playlist or want to discover a few new tunes to play whilst I’m out on a run. 

4. Make and Drink Smoothies! I can’t describe my love for smoothies – homemade, of course. I’ve been trying out a number of recipes lately – I really liked this strawberry, kale and apple smoothie that I’ve made a couple of times now – but remember to take the skin off the apple first (as you can see, i forgot to do this) as it’s definitely better without it. I’m hoping to try out and do a few more smoothie recipes over the next few weeks as summer seems to be here to stay, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some of those with you. Smoothies are great as they are nutritious, delicious and filling – remember, although it’s a drink, it’s still food but in a liquidised form.

5. Drink water, lots of water: Lately I’ve found myself drinking more and more water, and I’ve really noticed to see the benefits of it. Of course, water is good for you – it’s pure and calorie-free, and it also keeps you alive (obviously); so drink lots of it. I find that I do actually taste the difference in bottled waters – my favourite bottled water at the moment is Smartwater or Iceni, which is sold at my college. I feel so much better when I drink water – it keeps you hydrates as well! I’ve also seen improvements in my skin as well, which has been amazing – I’ll save a lot of money on concealer at this rate! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and that maybe you will take something from it – let me know in the comments! Obviously I’m not a nutritionist or an expert by any means on this subject – these are just my tips and what’s been working well for me!

Don’t forget that you can get a discount on your Race for Life entry fee with the code “RFLLoved” if you are thinking of taking part! It’s an amazing opportunity and it honestly feels so rewarding at the end. You can also check out my Justgiving page HERE

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