A couple of weeks ago, I spent my Friday evening with a group of lovely bloggers from the Midlands, as I was kindly invited to the Birmingham #SleepWellShopWell event, with PropellernetPremier Inn. As I’ve mentioned before, I moved to Birmingham about 6 weeks ago, so this was a fantastic opportunity to meet some new bloggers who are also from the Midlands. I had an amazing time and such a lovely evening – it was great to finally meet some new bloggers, and even just some new people as the only people I really know in Birmingham are the people from uni – which is amazing but can be slightly isolating at the same time!

At around half 6, I made my way to Premier Inn on Waterloo Street, where I was greeted by Lauren and Louise from Propellernet. Lauren and I instantly had something in common, as we soon realised we are both originally from the same city – and we even went to the same secondary school (small world!). I went up to my room to get ready for the evening, as I arrived with the “I’ve come straight from uni” look, which obviously was not what I was going for for an evening with lots of bloggers. The room was lovely and well sized, and the hotel itself is located in a prime and central location – right in the heart of Birmingham. You can read more about it here, it is one of six Premier Inns in Birmingham.

Dinner was hosted by The Front Row Society, and took place at The Lost and Found, which was literally two minutes walk from the hotel. It’s a gorgeous restaurant, inside and out, and was totally ideal for our evening. We (of course) went straight for the cocktails. The Lost and Found has an extensive cocktail list, so I’d definitely say there’s something for everyone on their menu. Myself (and half of the rest of the table) went for Kurant Affair, a delicious blackcurrant cocktail which tasted like purple fruit pastilles – it was heavenly. Midland Princess was another popular cocktail choice, which I didn’t try myself but I’ll definitely be trying next time I return. 

For my food, I went for a grilled halloumi and mint salad for starters, chicken and chips (the posh version) and a chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert. The food was incredible – the portion sizes were just right and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I was defeated by my main course, as I had half a chicken with chips and salad, which was a lot for my tiny stomach which is used to student-sized food, but it was incredible, and I needed to leave room for dessert, right?

Although initially some of us were thinking of heading out after dinner, we all decided that we were too tired (I think half of us were probably in a heavenly food coma) so we retreated to our rooms. If you’ve stayed in a Premier Inn before, you’ll know that the beds are incredibly comfy, so I was more than happy to return to my room and watch TV. I had a shower and got into bed and popped the TV on. Having lived the student life for the past few weeks, it was such a luxury to have a TV that I could watch in my room. I think I watched a couple of episodes of The Vice, before eventually falling asleep.

Breakfast was at 9am, and it was one of those “eat all you like” buffet breakfasts – so of course I had a cooked breakfast, which I haven’t had in ages. We had a good chat over breakfast, and we were also given a voucher for The Bullring, and a map with directions to the places that Meg from Wonderful You had recommended in her recent post “How to Spend 24 Hours in Birmingham” City Guide. I still have said map on my desk in my room, and I’ll definitely be giving some of the food places on there a try very soon. We eventually left the hotel and went our separate ways, although I stayed with Claire from Stylingo, and we hit Selfridges – one of the places that Meg had mentioned in her guide. I was on a time limit – I had a train booked back to Watford in the afternoon as I was heading home for my birthday that weekend. I did however make two exciting purchases from Selfridges, which I am SO happy with.

On the left is the cute playsuit that I picked up from Selfridges’ Topshop concession (available online HERE). I was heading out that evening with nothing to wear, so when I found this I was SO happy. They do it in gold as well, but I stuck with silver just as I feel it suits me better and probably goes with more too. On the right is the gorgeous cape/coat that I picked up from the Primark concession within Selfridges. Claire and I both bought this – it looks amazing on and it’s actually quite warm, considering the fact it doesn’t have long sleeves or anything. 

A massive Thank You goes to Propellernet, Premier Inn and The Front Row Society for putting on such an incredible evening – I had such an amazing time, and am so happy to have met some fellow Midlands bloggers!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Sarah xx