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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I absolutely adore Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and in particular, her M&S Rosie for Autograph range. I’ve been completely obsessed with the range ever since Rosie released her first fragrance last year (which of course, I did a review on HERE, and a review on Nuit Parfum HERE too). I’ve got numerous bottles of both of Rosie’s perfumes, as well as some lingerie, so naturally I was very excited when I discovered that Rosie has just released a make up collection too!
The make up range is designed for someone on the go, so the products are made to be versatile and easy to use. I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen so far from the collection – there are so many products to choose from and it really is a very versatile collection. I feel like a lot of thought has gone into the collection and it really is well suited for Rosie and the whole Rosie for Autograph brand – incorporating the rose gold theme that runs through her lingerie and perfume collections.
 I popped down to M&S earlier and picked up a few pieces…
I picked up 5 items from the collection – a minuscule amount compared to what I want to try out from the collection (all of it), but I wanted to try a few staple pieces first, and then add to my collection from there. I am a huge lover of rose gold, so the fact the packaging was rose gold was a big winner or me – it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s the same colour as the lid to the perfumes. It’s an impressive collection, including products like cream blushes and contour sticks, powders, mascaras and lipsticks to name a few. I really want to try out the cream eyeshadow sticks, as they look beautiful and shimmery, and are super pigmented, as I discovered when I swatched them in-store.
I picked up two lipsticks – one gorgeous, bright red shade called “Super Model Kiss” and a light, pale nude shade called “Nude Blush”. As I mentioned previously, I was trying to go for “staple pieces”, and I feel like a red lipstick and a nude lipstick are two staple pieces that every girl should own. I fell in love with Super Model Kiss, as it’s such a vivid colour, and I feel like this is going to get a lot of wear on nights out. Nude Blush is a simple nude shade, perfect for everyday wear. One thing I would have loved with this collection would be some lip liners, as I’m a huge lipliner fan, but at the moment it’s just lipsticks and lip glosses.
Above is one of Rosie’s two bronzers in the range, this one is the shade “Bronzed Beauty”, which I believe is the darker of the two colours. It’s still a really soft shade though – its not too dark which is perfect for me as I am super pale. I get through a fair bit of bronzer due to my love for contouring, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones to try – I seriously need to try out the Starstruck Contour stick from the range too as it looks amazing!
A good mascara is another essential for my makeup bag – as someone who used to always wear false lashes or extensions during the day, I never used to worry too much about mascaras, but now I work full time and am always rushing to get to work, mascara is more of an essential, and I look for ones that do the job well, and quickly. I picked up Rosie’s “Insta Lash” mascara, and it’s said to “define, lengthen and separate lashes”.
M&S are currently giving away a free Rosie for Autograph cosmetics bag when you buy two products from the collection, so if you’re looking to try out the range then I’d get a couple of products because you’d get the bag to store them in free as well. Even the makeup bag is beautiful – I’m not usually one to get excited about makeup bags and generally they seem to get ruined by my makeup, but this one is such good quality and so, so beautiful. Even the lining is luxurious – it’s a sort of suede-feeling lining. Definitely worth getting your hands on whilst the offer lasts!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear of the Rosie for Autograph makeup on here, as I am planning on extending my collection, and hopefully including some products in future posts. I’m really keen to try out the rest of the range, so watch this space!
To view the whole range, you can check out M&S’s website HERE, or check out some of my favourites in the widget below..

Have a great week!