Bar & Beyond, Stevenage: VIP Launch Night | Lifestyle

If you follow my snapchat (sarahivell for anyone who doesn’t) or Instagram, you will know that I am something of a party animal – always eager to be out as much as possible. As much as I have my favourite clubs that I seem to end up in on a regular basis, I do love trying out and experiencing new bars and clubs, so when I was offered the chance to check out Stevenage’s new nighttime venue, Bar & Beyond, on it’s launch night, I naturally jumped at it.
Bar & Beyond is a new concept from Deltic, offering a split level experience – food is served from 5pm (which I am yet to try, but I’ll let you know what the food’s like when I get to try it), and then the venue transforms into a nightclub for the evening, open until 3am. Bar & Beyond in Stevenage is situated in the venue where Chicago’s used to be, a few minute’s walk from Stevenage train station and within close walking distance of many hotels – a convenient location for a night out!
Myself and my friend Emily headed to the club just before 11 – on arrival the club already looked busy, but the queue wasn’t long so we got in quickly. Sure enough, the club was pretty lively inside and the tunes were already playing. We had a booth on the main stage, which gave us a good view of the entire main room. We were really well looked after by the hosts there – they were very friendly and accommodating, and checked back a number of times to check everything was okay. After a few drinks, we eventually hit the dance floor.
The club is really well decorated, it’s somewhat quirky – their slogan/tagline is “Time to pony up”, so there are a few nods to this in the club – such as the pony on a pole in the picture below! There were some really cool features – such as old records on our table, colourful graffitied sofas in the bar at the front, and tin cans to drink out of – it’s really unique.
The dance floor was quite different to any club I’ve been to before – it was a big circular dance floor floor, separated by booths which were stylishly scattered throughout. They were set out in a kind of curved way, so the dance floor was full of curves. I didn’t venture deep into the middle of the dance floor as it was so busy – I spent the majority of the time by the DJ Booth, which reminded me very much of the DJ booth at Batchwood! The dance floor really is unique at Bar and Beyond – and is fitting for a late-night bar.
And then, later on in the evening, a certain someone appeared in the DJ booth…
…Marvin Humes!!
Marvin Humes was the special guest for the launch evening, and he was incredible! I have seen Marvin DJ twice before, at Oceana in Watford, but I’ve walked into Icehouse late both times so I didn’t get to experience his whole set. This time I watched him from start to finish! He really is a great DJ, and I feel his appearance was a really good asset to the launch night – everyone went crazy when he arrived!
Eventually the night came to an end, but what a good night it was! I really enjoyed myself and it was great to see what Bar & Beyond is all about. As I’ve only visited some of Deltic’s larger venues in the past (Club Batchwood, Oceana Watford, Pryzm Leeds and Cameo&Myu Bournemouth), I kind of assumed that they were a “big venue” company, but Bar and Beyond has shown me that they do have some smaller venues too.
If you’d like to find out more about Bar & Beyond Stevenage, you can check out there website HERE. Or, even better – visit it to see for yourself!
Have a great week!