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I am back today with a new post though, and I thought I would share some of the beauty favourites that I have been loving lately. I’ve found some new products that I have been falling in love with, and some rediscovered products too. If you’d like to hear more then keep on reading…
Elizabeth Arden Sunset Prismatic Bronzing Powder: My current favourite bronzer! I love looking tanned and contoured, so I am always eager to try out new bronzing products. I actually had another Elizabeth Arden bronzer, but I (very cleverly) managed to smash this on a night out, so I picked up this one instead. I adore the packaging and the colour of the bronzer too – I feel like it’s really summery and will be perfect for the next few months!
Kiko Water Eyeshadow in Shade 208: Kiko is a brand that I have been absolutely loving lately, as a store has just opened in Watford and my friend Emily works there, so I pop in whenever I am around, to say hello to her and to buy half the shop. I picked this up on my first visit there, as it had been raved about lately as it makes an amazing highlighter. I use it mainly as a highlighter, which is is absolutely amazing for as it is such a gorgeous champagne gold colour and so pigmented. You can use the water eyeshadows wet or dry, but this is a highlighter that really pops and is just amazing – I use it more than my MAC highlighters. I also use it for it’s intended purpose, as an eyeshadow, and it’s also amazing for that. I should really invest in a couple of more shades as Kiko’s eyeshadows are incredible.
Rosie for Autograph Starstruck Contour Stick: Oh my goodness, this is LITERALLY my favourite contouring product right now. I’m on my second stick of this, as it is literally my favourite product for contouring. the Starstruck contour stick is a beautiful bronze contour stick, basically perfect for contouring. I find that the colour suits my skin tone perfectly, so as a result I use it every day. It’s a really nice formula, it goes on easily and is incredibly easy to blend. I have the highlighter stick as well, but I don’t get on with it as well as the contour stick (I generally don’t get on with highlighting sticks) so the contour stick is a definite winner for me.
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer: This is a rediscovery! I used this ages ago, around summertime last year if I’m correct, and I absolutely loved it – it’s really long wearing, blendable and high coverage – a winner in my eyes (and under my eyes, as that’s where I wear it mainly). I’d kind of forgotten about this as I have been trying out different concealers, but recently I’d really fallen out with all the concealers I’d been using, so on my hunt for a new one, I rediscovered the Eraser Eye. I’m really glad I did as this is just amazing.


Model Co More Brows: Let’s talk about brows! I received this Model Co brow gel in my March Birchbox, and absolutely love it as it is so quick and easy to use. This is my “in a rush” brow groomer – if I’m in a rush for work, running late or just simply my brows don’t need much playing with, I’ll use this. It’s really easy – you simply brush through your brows with the brush and leave it to dry. The shade, Light/Medium is a really good match to my brows and hair so it just goes really well.


NYX Brow Gel: Another brow product – the NYX Brow gel which has been a favourite of mine over the past few months. I really love using this gel as it keeps my brows in place and tints them at the same time. I can make my brows look really defined with this gel, which is obviously the look I am going for most of the time. I always use this on a night out or when I want my makeup to look slightly more defined. This is the blonde shade, which is a really good match for me. I’ve also got this in the darker brown shade, which I bought by mistake thinking that it wouldn’t be so dark. I can still use it, but I have to be a bit more careful and sparing with it!


Benefit They’re Real Mascara: Another beauty rediscovery of mine – Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara. When I first tried They’re Real (it must of been about three years ago) I honestly hated it; it just wasn’t me at all – I felt it was too heavy on my lashes and really hard to remove (probably because I used awful eye makeup remover at the time as well). Fast forward three years and I rediscovered it after my mum got me a sample of it in Sephora – and I actually really like it. As I work full time and am pretty lazy in the mornings, I need something that I just brush on my lashes, that will make them look great in a couple of strokes. They’re Real does this for me, and it stays on all day with no smudging too.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “London”: NYX recently came to the UK, and I am loving some of their products. I was actually a bit underwhelmed by their products when I first visited the stand in Selfridges in Birmingham a few months ago, but since then on recent visits (they now have a stand in Watford Boots) I have found more products that I like. This lip cream was one of the first things I bought, after hearing so many bloggers rave about them, and I was actually unimpressed at first, as I just felt that it really dried my lips out. Winter is the time of year where I generally just get horrible dry lips, so anything matte is risky for me – although long wearing as matte lipstick tends to stick to the dryness! I recently got this out of the back of my drawer and started wearing it again – now my lips are less dry it is a pleasure to wear, the colour is gorgeous and I am planning on adding a few more to my collection!
Benefit Porefessional Primer: Last but definitely not least, the Benefit Porefessional primer! I started using this a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love it. My skin looks good with the primer alone on it, and it really prolongs the life of my foundation – so it is a must-have product for me. I need to buy another tube of this, as I am currently on my travel-sized tube of it which I’ve been trying to save for my holiday (I love miniatures and travel-sized products so I always try and save these up for holidays. Weird? Probably.), so that’s a purchase that needs to be made! It’s funny how I’ve always liked Benefit products, but of what I have tried, have never found something I really loved – until recently. I can’t wait to try more of their products – especially the new brow collection – the packaging looks incredible!