NYX Review: Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks | Beauty

Recently, the latest craze that has taken the beauty world by storm is Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve seen countless brands bringing out their own ranges of liquid lipsticks left, right and centre, however I’ve been quite late to the party and only just got into them. Today I’m going to be talking about NYX’s “Lingerie” liquid lipstick range – the newest addition to NYX’s already impressive liquid lipstick collection…
So, NYX Lingerie is a new(ish) 12-shade collection of liquid lipsticks that have been brought out by NYX, advertised as their “New weightless liquid lipstick with a plush matte finish”. Nude, Weightless and Matte – these are three things I look for in a lipstick, so when I heard about NYX Lingerie, I knew I had to try them out.
After searching for them online and at my local NYX stand, I finally found them at Selfridges in London (I’d highly recommend visiting the NYX there as it is huge and simply amazing), where I decided to pick up three different shades – Embellishment, Push Up and Corset. These have been dubbed as a dupe for the Kylie Jenner lipkits – I’ve never tried the LipKits (a crime, I know) and I don’t own one so I can’t do a comparison of them, but what I can say is that the packaging looks really similar, in my opinion, and they’re a fraction of the price – the Lip Lingeries are only 6.50 each, which is a bargain to be honest.
Let’s talk about the shades I picked up…
02 – Embellishment 
 The first shade I picked up was Embellishment, which is a gorgeous mauve-coloured shade. I picked it because I love purple/lilac makeup, and this is a really different colour to what I’ve seen before. I own a couple of purple lipsticks already, but I feel like most purples are either deep plum-toned shades, or bright vivid colours – I’ve not really seen a nude purple before, so this seemed like a good colour to try. I would strongly recommend using a lip liner alongside this (Whirl by MAC works quite well for me, or a slightly darker brown shade would be fine too), just as the brush is quite big which can make application quite messy! Or maybe it’s just me…
I’d definitely recommend Embellishment if you’re looking for a subtle purple lip, or something a little different to your average nude shade.
06 – Push-Up
Push-Up is the second shade I picked up – it’s a gorgeous pale pink-toned nude. This is an interesting one, as it has peachier tones as well as pink tones – it looks different in some lights, which is quite interesting as it can look more pink or more nude depending on how many layers you’ve got on. All the lingeries apply quite thinly, but I would recommend using 2-3 coats of this to create the best colour. Push-up is really beautiful and long-wearing when it’s on – it reminds me of MAC’s “Kinda Sexy”, but slightly paler.
09 – Corset
Finally, I picked up “Corset”, which a a beige-toned nude – it’s actually really pale. When I first tried it on when I got home I really didn’t like it at all – I thought it was way too nude and pale and just looked like foundation lips. I was pretty gutted, as I loved the look of it when I swatched it, and when I saw it online I liked it then as well. I’ve since found a way to wear it though – I’ll mix it with a darker lipliner or another lipstick, or just build it up with a lot of layers! Where there’s a want, there’s a way.
I would probably recommend this shade for people with paler skin tones – I am normally mega pale but as I’ve come back from holiday recently I still have a slight tan left over which has taken the pale glow off of me, thankfully! I’m sure I’ll be rocking this in winter when I’m back to my natural paleness!
Overall I would say that I really like the Lip Lingeries – I cannot fault the colour selection, formula,  price or longevity of the product – its amazing. The only thing I would say is that I do find them quite dry on my lips – they don’t flake on me or anything, they just feel very dry, so I’ll often have to wear lip balm underneath. Also, I struggle to be neat with the brush as it is quite large, but I’m sure with time I’ll master how to use it!
NYX is Available from ASOSSelfridges,Kissmiss, and in selected Boots stores. 
Have a great week!