Five Fragrance Favourites | Beauty

Hi! Today I thought I would share some of my favourite fragrances, as perfumes are literally my favourite thing – I have so many, and am always on the lookout for new ones to try. Over the past few months, I have tried and discovered a number of new fragrances, so I thought I’d talk about what I’m currently loving…
Let’s start with one of my all-time favourites – Alien. This is one very popular perfume, as I know loads of people who wear it on the daily, and I can recognise it on people when I’m out. I love the smell of it, it’s a sort of woody yet floral scent – I’ve never smelt anything like it so Alien really stands out to me. It’s a super strong scent and stays on you for ages – meaning there’s no need to top up!  I feel like this is a slightly more autumnal scent, it’s well suited for that time of year because of the woody-ness of it, but I wouldn’t hesistate to wear it in summer. I’ve actually run out of Alien at the moment which is heartbreaking, but have put off buying a new bottle so that I try out some different perfumes. I’ll buy a new one in time for autumn!
Ah, an old classic – Daisy! I feel like this is such a popular perfume, it’s been around for a few years now and everyone seems to love it – myself included, of course. This is probably one of my summer go-to perfumes; it’s so floral, yet light and refreshing at the same time. I’ve been wearing Daisy a lot lately, it’s just perfect for summer! I’ve also tried “Daisy Dream” in the past – another equally lovely fragrance – I really love Marc Jacobs perfumes. Next on my Daisy hitlist is Daisy Dream Blush – I smelt it in Boots the other day and I absolutely love it.

Giorgio Armani – Si

Si is probably one of my newest perfume discoveries – I got the chance to try it out when The Perfume Shop kindly sent me the winners of the 2015 Love Perfume Awards last year. It won the “Women’s Prestige Fragrance of the Year” award, and I feel that it’s definitely deserving of that title – Si has such a luxurious and prestige feel and smell to it. It’s quite a fruity and woody scent – the notes within the perfume all compliment each other really well. I’ve not tried any Giorgio Armani perfumes (or products actually) but Si has left me intrigued about the rest of their fragrances – They’ve just brought out “Si Rose”, which I’m eager to try.
I don’t think a single fragrance favourites post would be complete without Rosie for Autograph! This perfume is an absolute staple of mine – I’ve got a big bottle and about 3 smaller bottles to carry around in my bag – I literally take this everywhere, and I’ve bought it for about 4 of my friends for their birthdays as it makes a good gift (they all love it too… talk about spreading the word!), This is the original Rosie for Autograph fragrance – I have Nuit Parfum and Summer Rose as well, but I always drift back to the original, as I just love the smell of it. It’s made from the oil of centifolia roses, and smells really authentic – a gorgeous rose scent. I did actually do a full review of this perfume HERE when it was released, so if you’d like a slightly more in-depth review then head over there.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Bamboo. I discovered this early this year and initially I wasn’t a huge fan of it – I don’t know why, I just didn’t really take much interest in it. I smelt it a few more times though, and changed my mind, deciding that I actually really like it (as you can see from the bottle, I’ve used half of it). Bamboo, as suggested by the name, has a number of woody notes within it, as well as floral notes. This is an interesting one, as when I first spray the perfume, the woody notes come through stronger than the florals, but once it’s settled into the skin, I can smell the floral notes coming through strongly. Bamboo is quite a soft scent, but noticeable at the same time.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and that it’s given you some fragrance inspiration! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite fragrances are..