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It’s been a good 3 and a half years since I last got my hair cut – so long that the idea of getting it cut has become alien to me. Over the course of 2 years (so 4-5 years ago now) I basically killed my hair, partially by dying it an awful colour with a damaging home dye box set, and then finishing the job by straightening the life out of it. After my last hair cut (over 3 years ago now) where I got my hair cut back to how it was when I was younger – above my shoulders, I vowed to look after my hair and let it grow. Whilst this didn’t quite go to plan by wearing clip-in extensions for a year, I did eventually let my hair grow – and it has grown a fair bit in the past couple of years. However, the need for a haircut was becoming apparent – yet I came up with every excuse under the sun not to get it cut. “Im at work all the time, I don’t have time to go” being the most common excuse. When Supercuts got in touch to let me know about their new salon which was opening in Stevenage, and invite me along to check it out, I decided enough was enough, it was time to get a hair cut.

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Supercuts is a high street hairdresser chain, offering a simple way of getting your hair done at an affordable price. They offer a walk-in service, so you can turn up with no appointment, whenever you like and get your hair done. They offer a simple range of services, such as hair cuts, hair treatments and blow drys. Although I’d seen Supercuts around (in Watford and Birmingham), I’d never been in one before, So I was intrigued to try Supercuts in Stevenage out and see what they have to offer.

Supercuts Stevenage is conveniently located in Stevenage’s Westgate Shopping Centre – situated in the heart of the town centre, a 5 minute walk from the train station. I travelled in by train and I found Supercuts very easy to find – it was such a short walk!

On arrival, I was greeted by the salon manager, Pritesh, and Louise, who was going to be cutting my hair for me. I received a warm welcome and after filling out a quick form I had my coat taken and offered a drink (I went for a cup of tea, of course). The salon is fresh and bright, decorated quite simplistically – it’s not a huge salon but it’s still made good use of the space – it’s very well laid out.

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Louise went through a short consultation with me, asking me what we were doing with my hair – I explained about how long I’d not cut it for, and how I just wanted it tidied up – we agreed on taking 2 inches off my hair. I was having their “Supercut” treatment – that’s a wash, cut and blowdry, at a cost of £22.45 – not a bad price if you ask me

After having my hair washed – using shampoo and conditioner from Wella Professional, I returned to the chair, ready to have my hair transformed – I was so excited to finally be sorting my hair out; as you’ll see in the before and after pictures later on in the post, it was well overdue.

Louise began to cut my hair, and I had complete faith in her – I was really looking forward to seeing my hair afterwards. The cut didn’t take too long at all – it felt like it didnt last long, but it wasn’t rushed. I chose to have my hair blowdried straight, as I love having soft, bouncy blowdried hair. We used a few products on my hair (Redken and Wella are both used there) including a blowdry primer and some organ oil – and a bit of mousse for volume. These products really worked wonders for my hair, and I was super happy with the end result – Let’s have a look…


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Voila! Louise did an incredible job of transforming my hair and I am SO happy with the end result – although we took a good couple of inches off my hair, I feel like i haven’t lost a great deal – it just looks so much healthier and much easier to handle.

Overall I was really satisfied with my experience at Supercuts – everyone was so friendly, and I’m really impressed with my haircut – I now have gorgeously cut hair and I’m now going to make an effort to look after it – meaning a return to Supercuts in the future is imminent!

If you’d like to find out more about Supercuts Stevenage, you can visit Supercuts’ website HERE.

Thanks for reading & have a great week!

Sarah x