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Well, Happy New Year!

I feel like this is the sort of post that should have been posted on the 1st of January yet here I am halfway through January writing this up – as always, late. This year I promised to get back into blogging as I totally neglected my blog last year, so why not start with a post just chatting about some of my hopes for 2017. I’m definitely not one for all this “New year, new me” rubbish, nor am I one for setting resolutions, as quite frankly I’d probably break them all, but there’s no harm in having hopes for the year ahead…


University: Most people will know that in September 2015 I went to uni, to continue studying Media. I think I was quite vocal about this when I left and I did quite a few posts about uni when I was there. However, it really wasn’t for me and at the start of 2016 I actually made the decision to quit my studies. I never properly announced this, I never touched on the subject on my blog – I just did it. As I’ve never properly spoken about it on here, I’ll take the opportunity to touch on the subject now.

I expected great things from uni, and whilst I did have some amazing times there, something wasn’t quite right for me. When I look back now, it’s kind of strange for me; I made lots of friends, I was independent and living away from home, I enjoyed the independence in cooking for myself, I had loads freedom and time, much more than I have now, I lived in the city centre with a major train station and shopping centre a 10 minute walk away and I was only an hour from London. I’d even met some Midlands bloggers! Looking at that honestly makes wonder where it all went wrong.

Really, it was the course – I just didn’t enjoy it. I chose the wrong modules, the study time was  8 hours a week and I wasn’t working – I just filled my time sleeping and drinking and doing as little work as possible. I then had this awful couple of weeks where I just felt myself getting more unhappy with life – I kept sleeping through my alarms for uni and sleeping all day, I didn’t go out much in the week and then I had an argument with my flatmates and decided to just hide in my room for a few days. Obviously no-one else is to blame for this, this was just how I was feeling, but all I wanted to do was leave and go home.  I’ll never forget making the call to student services to withdraw, or packing up my room at uni when I should have been returning for the second semester.

Work So obviously, quitting uni meant I had to get a job – one that I luckily already had. Whilst I was at uni, I decided to start coming home at weekends to return to my job at M&S that I’d had for nearly two years prior to uni. My manager at the time was amazing when I dropped out (We’re close friends to this day because of it) and managed to get me a full time contract straight away, so I wasn’t walking into a void of nothingness on my return from uni. I then went into working full time, which to be honest was something I was used to already as I’d worked full time in the summer. I’ve never worked full time, solidly for a year though, so that’s been a bit of a shock to me – normally, I’d do a mix of full time work, part time work and college, but as it was literally just work, it’s kind of never ending. There’s been so many times where I sit (or stand, making coffee) at work and wonder what I’d be up to at that moment if I’d stayed at uni, but I know it was the right decision to leave. Work went so well that 9 months after going full time, I got promoted to supervisor – an achievement that I’m still baffled but grateful for. I never thought I’d be able to manage a team of people – especially when I’m the youngest full-timer in my department; but hey, it’s working out well so far.


Hoping I can recreate this picture one day!

This kind of leads me on to 2017 and what I want to do with my life this year, and to be honest the main way to define 2017 is wanting to Live More. What I mean by that is whilst I aim to continue to work hard the way I have been for the past year, I also want to make the most of my free time, my weekends off and my holidays. Last year was great but literally; all I did was work and go out on a Friday/Saturday night. The only proper break from that was my 2 week holiday to Magaluf, that I have minimal photos of due to me losing my phone on the second night out there. It was a year of pure working – I used to do the maximum extra hours every single week, work my weekends off, work late – everything. Earlier when I was at work my store manager came in the office whilst myself and my friend were working extra and she said something that stuck out to me – “Remember, we work to live”. Sometimes the littlest reminder that life is for living is enough to push people to act, as I’ve spent this evening looking at things I want to do this year (My mum’s up for going to Disneyland with me and I’ve got 6 people coming to Magaluf so far, so that’s a good start), as I don’t want to be sat here in a years time going “well, that was another year of work” and that’s it.

Having the experiences will hopefully give me the motivational boost I need for my blog – I’m also hoping to get back into blogging this year, because as you probably noticed, I was very quiet last year. I worked the late shift, I got tired and eventually just spent my time sleeping and procrastinating – such a shame to neglect the hobby that I’ve been doing for 4 years now. I’m going to make an effort to write, get photos taken – everything. I refreshed my blog a couple of months ago, so now it’s time to put it to use. I’ll be sharing all my experiences on here this year, so hopefully you’ll stay on this journey with me…


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading.

Sarah xx