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As a food lover, I’m always eager to try out new places to eat. Burgers are probably one of my favourite things to eat, and over the past couple of years I’ve finally started venturing beyond McDonalds and Burger King. Having introduced my younger brother to Nando’s and Five Guys in the past few months, he in turn asked me to go to Shake Shack in Stratford with him, where he regularly goes with his friends on their trips to London. Given that I love burgers and that it’s very rare for my brother to recommend somewhere for me, or ask to hang out with me, I happily accepted his offer so off we went to Stratford one Saturday afternoon.

I’ve heard of Shake Shack before, and to be quite honest with you I just thought it was a milkshake bar, a bit like The Shaken Cow in St Albans. Of course, I was corrected by my brother – it’s actually a burger and shake bar from America. I’d seen and heard about the Covent Garden store, but it was always completely rammed every time I passed it so I’d never ventured inside. Thankfully, Stratford is a lot quieter (although still busy) so I was more than happy to check out what was on offer…

shake shack london menu

The order/seating process is very simple at Shake Shack – on arrival, you’re greeted by a host on the door and handed a menu. You then queue up and order your food, before being handed a buzzer and sent away to find a seat. Shake Shack was relatively busy (it was a Saturday afternoon after all) so we did have a bit of trouble finding a seat initially, but we found one fairly quickly after that. I went and got cutlery and condiments whilst James kept the table, and after about 5 minutes our buzzer went off – the service was very quick and efficient.

shake shack london milkshakes fries and burgers

For probably the first time in our lives, James and I ordered similar food – I had a strawberry milkshake, chips and a Shackburger, whilst he had a chocolate milkshake, chips and a Shackburger – but a double burger, because why not double up when your sister is paying?!

Now, let’s talk about the nitty gritty. What did I think of the food?!

shake shack london shack burger

As I mentioned above, I opted for a Shackburger – Shake Shacks simple classic cheeseburger, consisting of a beef patty made from 1% Aberdeen angus beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their own “ShackSauce”. The burger was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful of it – juicy beef and lovely melted cheese which was complimented by the lettuce and tomato. So simple, yet so satisfying. The patty wasn’t as thick as I’d expected it to be – I feel like in a large amount of burger places the size of the meat is huge and I’m always leaving half the burger because I can’t eat all of it, but at Shake Shack it was a different story. Now, the portion size was by no means small – just less than other burgers I’ve seen before. This was in no way a bad thing for me though, as I don’t eat that much generally so a smaller portion size works for me perfectly – it was nice to finish a meal for a change.

The chips were crinkle-cut, which I love – crinkle chips are always a hit with me. There was ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard on offer in the way of dips, and the chips have a generous amount of salt on them. You can order cheesy chips, but I opted for the standard chips on this occasion – I’ll probably get the cheesy ones next time! The portion size is ideal – they only come in one size, but its a good size – they’ve got the amount just right.

Finally, the milkshake. The milkshakes at Shake Shack are made from frozen custard – a unique concept that I haven’t seen before. The milkshake I chose was strawberry, and it was yummy – thick and creamy, as you’d expect a milkshake from a burger bar to be. I can’t criticise the milkshake I had as it was incredible, however I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t offer banana as one of the flavours. I kind of expected a bigger milkshake menu given that it’s called “Shake Shack”, but that’s my pre-conception that Shake Shack was a milkshake bar, when it’s in fact more about the food. It’s not a huge deal – I still enjoyed my strawberry shake, but I feel like banana is one of those classic milkshake flavours, so was slightly confused that it wasn’t on the menu!



Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Shake Shack, and I would definitely return! Friendly staff, delicious food and thick milkshakes, what’s not to like?

Have you been to Shake Shack? What do you think of it?


Thanks for reading,

Sarah x