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barry m matte me up lip kit pose and go to boxed
barry m matte me up lip kit pose and go to boxed

With the recent Kylie Jenner lip craze having been ongoing for the past year or so, I’ve seen many brands releasing their own versions of liquid lipsticks. An actual lip kit is something not many brands have done though, so when I spotted Barry M’s new Lip Kit’s in Boots, I knew I had to try them out. Barry M have really upped their game lately and released a load of new products – I’ve got their colour correcting concealers on my “to-try” list at the moment

Priced at just £6.99, the Matte Me Up lip kits are considerably more affordable than many lipkits/lip products on the market at the minute (You’re basically getting a lipstick and lip liner for £3.49 a piece, thats insane) and they boast a “non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula”. The limited edition kits (get hold of them while you can!) are available in 3 shades; Pose, Go To and Runway. Barry M also sell single “Lip Paints” in 5 other shades that you can buy separately as well, if you like the lip paints themselves.

barry m matte me up lip kit swatches all together

As the photos above indicate, I only have two of the three kits available; Pose and Go To. I opted for these two over Runway as Runway is literally identical to the Kylie lip kit that I already own (In the shade Kristen) and a NYX Lingerie as well, so with two tubes of what is basically the same colour, I didn’t think it necessary to try out Runway too.

Let’s talk about Go To and Pose…

barry m matte me up lip kit go to


Go To: Go To is honestly my favourite shade out of the two I own – it’s a real classic nude shade, perfect for everyday wear. I’ve worn this one so much already for many different occasions, I feel like it’s going to become a proper staple in my collection – as the name suggests, a go-to product! Although it looks lighter in the tube, it dries a darker brown on the lips – I think it’d be ideal for many skin tones. The lip liner is slightly darker than the lipstick, which means you can create a really nice, defined lip look – as expected from a lip kit, the liner and lipstick really compliment each other.


barry m matte me up lip kit pose

Pose: The more nude-toned pink of the range is called Pose – a nude, subtle candy floss-like shade. Can I start by saying the colour of the box this kit comes in does not represent the actual shade of this lip kit at all – its a lot lighter than that. It’s still a really nice shade though, a wearable colour that I think would be well suited for Spring/Summer. This is an interesting shade because of the way I find it changes colour – when you first put it on your lips, its a bright pale pink colour, which to be honest made me go “Oh no, I’m not going to like this”, as I’m not really into bright baby pink at the moment. This shade settles down to the most gorgeous pink-toned nude though. The lip liner is again, slightly darker – providing definition to the outline of your lips.

barry m matte me up lip kit swatches

Left: Pose Right: Go To

The formula of these lip kits is really something special – the lip liners are smooth and pigmented, at the same time being quite firm. The formula is a soft, lightweight texture – you don’t feel like you’re wearing lipstick, and it dries really quickly. The lip kit’s longevity is something impressive though – these literally last all day. I did an 8 hour shift wearing Go To, and I didn’t have to top up  during that time – which is something that I’ve never had with any lipstick before. I definitely think that liquid lipsticks last longer than regular lipsticks, but the staying power of these lip kits is beyond amazing.


The verdict? A fantastic lip kit at an affordable price. A definite viable alternative to the Kylie lip kits, if you’re on a budget or just not prepared to spend that much on a lipstick and shipping. I’m not entirely sure how long these Lip Kits will be available for as they are limited edition, but I really hope Barry M decide to make them a permanent fixture as I would literally buy them in every colour.

Barry M, I am SO impressed.

Matte Me Up Lip Kits are available online & in-store from Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried these Lip Kits? Do you like Barry M? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

Sarah xx