Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer: New For 2017 | Beauty


Whether you’re a blogger or just a general makeup lover, you will have heard of Bourjois Healthy Mix. Probably one of the most raved about foundations, ever. I’ve had previous experiences with Healthy Mix in the past (of which I’ll explain in a second), but when I saw Bourjois’s new and improved Healthy Mix formula advertised in Boots, I decided to give it a try.


Now for a bit of Sarah/Healthy Mix history. I think the first time I ever tried Healthy Mix was in 2011, when I was a mere 14 year old – I borrowed my friends foundation and quite liked it, but I don’t think I ev owned a bottle myself. Fast forward to 2013, and I gave in to the blogger hype – trying Healthy Mix once more. I used it for a fair few months, in the shade 52 Vanilla, but I soon fell out with it as unfortunately it just wasn’t right my my skin – it just used to go really shiny and oily on my face, no matter what I tried on top of it, it just would not stay put. So, again, it was left forgotten – until the end of 2015, when I discovered Sarah Ashcroft. In her Youtube videos she said that she swore by Healthy Mix – and she looked insane wearing it, actually incredible. I couldn’t believe it was the same foundation, so I went out and re-bought it, thinking if Sarah could make it work, I could too. Granted, I got on with it a lot better than I did previously, but quite bizarrely found it worked better for me in a darker shade than it did in my usual lighter shade. So I just saved it for when I was tanned.

So, as you can see, I really have had a love-hate relationship with Healthy Mix. So, lets discuss the new formula.


FOUNDATION – The foundation now comes in a more rectangular bottle, rather than the rounded one previously. I feel like the appearance of it has improved, it’s more modern and I just personally prefer it. The formula itself is still pretty similar to its previous formula, however they’ve upped the radiance-boosting ingredients – giving you an even more radiant glow. The old fruity smell is still there, not overpowering; just a nice scent. I’m so glad they didn’t get rid of the fruity smell, because thats a unique asset to the Healthy Mix foundation.

The coverage has seriously improved on my skin – I’m loving it. As I’ve mentioned before, I previously struggled with it not staying on my face and going oily throughout the day, but I gave it a test on a day out and it’s really impressed me. I don’t know what they’ve put in there but it stayed all day and still looked pretty good at 6pm when I took it off to re-do my face for a night out. It didn’t go oily, it was just fantastic – I picked the shade 51, which is the palest yellow-toned shade – it’s now available in shade “50” but it’s very pink toned which is something I avoid at all costs. The colour matches my face well, gives me a great glow and provides me with good all-day coverage.

Would I recommend it? 100%.


CONCEALER – I feel like I haven’t spoken about the previous version of the concealer much. To be honest, I didn’t get on with the old formula too well either – I didn’t find it provided me enough coverage.   I’m very much a high coverage girl when it comes to my makeup so obviously I have pretty high expectations for concealer.

The new concealer comes in a more rectangular tube, matching the foundation. I think this is great and the foundation and concealer basically match, making it look like a lovely little duo. I find the concealer works better with the wand and like the foundation, provides better coverage. I’ve been using this not only with my Healthy Mix foundation, but also with my UD All-Nighter that I wear on nights out, and it works incredibly. It’s buildable, doesn’t cake and leaves you glowing.

Would I recommend it? 100%.


So, there you have it – my verdict on the new Healthy Mix range. Needless to say I am impressed, will be working my way through this set and then repurchasing it as I think it’s improved massively for me and I hope to wear it as one of my “everyday” foundations. One hope I do have now though, it that they’ll reforumalute or at least repackage the Healthy Mix Powder, so it matches the rest of the range!


Bourjois Healthy Mix is available in stores now from places such as Boots and Superdrug .

Have you tried the new Healthy Mix? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!