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A couple of weeks ago, myself and my fellow blogger friend Emily went on our first “Bloggers on Tour” trip of this year. If you’ve not heard of our #bloggersontour idea, we’re basically going to be going on little weekends away/overnight stays in various cities over the country, and reviewing hotels, restaurants, local attractions and bars/nightclubs during our stay. We reviewed Bar and Beyond in Stevenage last year, but this time we decided to visit my old home – Birmingham. We were staying in Premier Inn on Waterloo Street (I previously stayed there for the Propellernet/FRS event “Sleep Well Shop Well” about 18 months ago, read about it here) which is a fantastically central hotel, a short walk from pretty much everything.

For dinner that evening, we’d decided we wanted to try somewhere new – not the standard Nandos/Pizza places that we usually go for. We decided to stay close to the hotel and try out Bar + Block, the new-concept Beefeater connected to the hotel. I’m usually not one for eating in the hotel restaurants, just as I like to explore the local area, but I am SO glad I decided to stay local on this occasion. Let’s talk about Bar + Block…

Bar + Block is a new concept from Beefeater, offering a more comtemporary version of the popular Beefeater brand. The one in Birmingham opened last year, and venues in London and Whiteley have opened since then. We decided to book a table, as it was a Friday night and places tend to get busy around the time we wanted to eat. We headed down at 6:30 and began our evening…

bar and block Birmingham bar area

bar and block Birmingham wall

We were warmly welcomed by the staff as we arrived, were quickly seated in one of their comfortable round booths, and handed menus. Our waiter to looked after us for the evening was fantastic, ever so friendly and immediately told us what they had ran out of that evening – something that I don’t normally get in restaurants, so it was nice to be told without even asking. We were also given as cute little pot of beef popcorn – a delicious and unique addition to our night.  We decided that we’d go “all-out” and get a starter, main and dessert – although we shared our starter and dessert.

bar and block Birmingham popcorn

bar and block Birmingham trio of dips

To start with, we opted for the “Trio of Dips” – a nicely-arrange platter of strips of flatbread, with a selection of dips – red pepper and feta, tzatiki and guacamole. As a nacho/houmous/dip lover, this was perfect for me – although I definitely could of eaten one to myself! Will definitely keep that in mind next time. Although it was such a simple starter, the quality was definitely there – you could taste it. I’ll take this moment to point out that we also ordered a bottle of wine between us – Bar + Block’s Canyon Road white zinfandel rose – a fruity, medium bodied wine with strawberry and tropical flavours. This wine was amazing – I normally drink Rose with lemonade, but this rose went down very nicely without the need for fizz. There was also a selection of cocktails on the menu – I didn’t get the chance to try them out, but I will definitely return at some point to sample them!

bar and block Birmingham Mexican chicken burger

bar and block Birmingham chicken and ribs

For the main courses, Emily opted for the “Smoked Paprika Chicken and Ribs”, whilst I went for the “Mexican Chicken Burger”. I’m really not sure what our logic was, going to a steak restaurant and neither of us ordering steak, but I really fancied a chicken burger after seeing it on the menu, and the quality was fantastic – a really juicy piece of chicken, with guacamole, sour cream, tomato and red onion inside – with chips on the side. I ate the lot! A really delicious dish – I’d definitely return to eat it again, although there’s a lot of other dishes on the menu that I’d like to try. I didn’t try any of Emily’s food, but it looked fantastic – and she seemed to enjoy it!

bar and block Birmingham chocolate fondue

For dessert, we opted for the “Chocolate Toffee Fondue for Two”, of course. Our waiter was like “Yep, I saw that coming” when we ordered it, so we knew the dish was popular and we’d be in for a treat. Sure enough, we weren’t wrong – a delicious pool of chocolate toffee sauce in the centre of the dish, kept warm by a single tea light, a selection of fruit on one side and a selection of mini banana fritters, mini chocolate brownies and sticky toffee pudding on the other. We were defeated by this dessert as there was a lot there – but we only really left a couple of fritters and a bit of toffee pudding. The dessert actually doesn’t normally come with sticky toffee pudding – it comes with mini churros, but I’m guessing they had run out of them on the evening we were there, and the toffee pudding was our substitute.

bar and block Birmingham Sarah Ivell

bar and block Birmingham neon bull

Overall, I had a fantastic evening at Bar + Block – the staff were friendly, the service was swift and the food was fantastic. The restaurant was also very nicely decorated – very contemporary with a slight edge to it to. I particularly liked the neon cow diagram on the wall – it was very quirky yet fitting for a meat restaurant, and also educational for those who don’t know which parts of a cow different bits of steak come from.

I’d definitely return to Bar + Block – I’ve seen that there’s one in King’s Cross in London, so I’ll try and stop by there at some point to see what the rest of the menu is like!

To find out more about Bar + Block, you can visit their website.

Have a fab week!

Sarah xx

* I was not paid or sponsored for this post, I paid for my own food and drink, as per always my reviews are 100% honest.

  • Emily Dunton-Payne

    Had such a lovely time! Food was so good! Can’t wait to go back ?