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mango tree belgravia London starters

In the middle of Belgravia, about 10 minutes from Victoria train station lies Mango Tree, a stunning Thai restaurant which prides itself on delicious, genuine Thai cuisine. Mango Tree originates from Bangkok, where the original Mango Tree restaurant opened. Mango Tree really is an exclusive experience – Aside from the Mango Tree in Harrods’ Food Hall in London, the only place you’ll find another Mango Tree restaurant is in Bangkok or Doha.

I was recently invited down to Mango Tree to dine at the restaurant and see what it’s all about. So, with my best friend Emily by my side we headed to Mango Tree for an exquisite relaxing evening…

mango tree belgravia London entrance

On arrival we were greeted with a warm welcome from the staff. The restaurant had just experienced a power cut, so we sat in the bar area for a short time whilst waiting to be seated. The wait wasn’t very long at all – we spent the time admiring the cocktails being made at the bar – they looked incredible, at it was at that point I realised I’d struggle deciding what cocktail I’d like from the extensive 4-page cocktail menu.

mango tree belgravia London green dragon cocktail


We were swiftly seated and handed menus for food, cocktails and wine. We first started on the cocktail menu – deciding which one to have was a struggle! There are SO many choices and they all sound amazing. I decided to stick to the “Special Cocktails” part of the menu, just because I felt that these were exclusive to Mango Tree and a lot more exciting than just going for a Strawberry Daiquiri or a Cosmopolitan, which I kind of feel like I can get anyway (Although I’m sure Mango Tree make awesome ones anyway). Anyway, after much debacle I settled on a “Raspberry Dream” – which was a mix of Ciroc vodka, chambord, fresh strawberry, raspberry puree, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice & fresh mango juice; So as you can imagine, very fruity! It was divine – I definitely made a good choice there. Emily on the other hand went for the “Green Dragon”, which came in a funky glass and consisted of vodka and melon liquor. I tried some of Emily’s and it was also delicious.

With our first cocktail decisions made, we got to the main menu to decide on what we’d he having to eat. I’d already decided that I wanted one of Mango Tree’s delicious Thai curries, I just wasn’t sure which one. Starters, on the other hand, I had no idea. I wanted something that wasn’t chicken as I was having that for a main, so I opted for fish instead. In the end I decided on “Tod Mun Pla” – spicy Thai fishcakes made from fish paste and minced prawns, marinated with curry paste and lime with a sweet chilli dressing on the side. Emily went for Kor Moo Yang – barbecued pork strips served with cucumber and a spicy sauce.

mango tree belgravia London Tod mun pla fishcake

Tod Mun Pla

mango tree belgravia London kor moo yang pork

Kor Moo Yang

First off, how beautiful is the presentation? I feel like everything was so well presented, there really was some true attention to detail going on. I was so impressed. I also feel they’re the perfect sizes for starters too, they weren’t tiny but they also weren’t huge – there’s nothing worse than having a starter come out and be huge and you sit there eating it knowing that you’ve got a main to eat yet! My Tod Mun Pla was absolutely delicious – really smooth, and full of flavour – it was marinated with lime and I could really taste the lime through the fish; it was a fantastic combo. The sweet chilli sauce was also delicious – all the flavours complimented each other really well. I also tried some of Emily’s dish, and whilst I’m not a huge fan of barbecue flavour, the food was delicious – the pork was such high quality with a fantastic flavour. Emily’s exact words after finishing her dish were “Every single bit of pork in that dish was amazing, there were no bad bits”.

Starters finished, we moved on to our second round of cocktails – this time opting for a Thai Mojito for Emily, and a Caribbean Kiss for me.

mango tree belgravia London cocktails

The Thai Mojito – a slightly different take on the classic mojito, made with Havana rum, lime juice, mint leaves and sugar syrup, with lemongrass added for a twist. This cocktail was incredible – We tried each others cocktails and this one’s definitely a favourite of mine – the lemongrass just gives it a phenomenal edge. Caribbean Kiss was a mix of Havana rum, créme de framboise,  raspberry puree and lime juice. Another delicious duo.

By this time our main course had arrived… the two of us decided to go for corn-fed chicken curries. I opted for the “Gaeng Kiew Wan” – the Thai green curry made with pea aubergine, Thai aubergine and basil leaves – the spicier of the two curries. Accompanying this, I had “Kow Hom Ma Li” which is Thai sticky jasmine rice. I love jasmine rice, so this was the obvious choice for me. Emily, on the other hand, went for the “Panang” curry – a less-spicy, rich red curry made with coconut milk, sweet basil leaves and pea aubergine. Alongside this, she had “Kow Neaw”, which is tradition Thai sticky rice.

mango tree belgravia London Thai green curry

For someone who is left with a sore throat after having “Medium” at Nando’s, the spiciest curry on the menu was not an obvious or sensible choice for me. However, given that I love Thai green curry and I was being adventurous, I went for it anyway. The Gaeng Kiew Wan had a delicious flavour, the chicken was divine – very succulent, the quality was there. I found that the immense spice doesn’t hit straight away – it’s there, but there’s an aftertaste. This went really well with my jasmine rice as well. I really enjoyed the dish – it was absolutely delicious, although I did begin to struggle with the spice towards the end! I would definitely say this is the curry for people who like spicier curries as it does have a real kick to it.

Emily also very kindly let me try some of her Panang – this is the milder of the two, although the base of it is very similar – swapping the Thai aubergine in the green curry for coconut milk. This too has a beautiful flavour, but with a creamier texture and less spice. Spice is still there, but it is toned down.

mango tree belgravia London panang curry

After long chats over our meal, the time came for dessert – and Emily and I picked the same thing – the “Chocolate Sphere with salted caramel”. This was a pretty easy choice to make because I love chocolate spheres and salted caramel, although I was torn on whether to try some of the homemade ice cream, as there were some incredible flavours available, such as chilli-lemongrass, champagne and pineapple & sweet basil.

mango tree belgravia London chocolate sphere

The chocolate sphere came with pieces of white chocolate around it, as well as vanilla-pandan ice cream in the middle of it. We then had the salted caramel sauce poured over it too – which was pretty awesome to watch, I actually put it on my Instagram story last week when I was there. Once melted, the chocolate sphere just becomes an insane mix of white and dark chocolate – I ate the ice cream pretty quickly so that didn’t melt too. It was divine, but very rich – I don’t know what chocolate was used but it was delicious, SO creamy.

 mango tree belgravia London Sarah Ivell tea

I also tried Mango Tree’s delicious Jasmine tea – which just looked insanely cool and tasted great too. I’ve not had jasmine tea before, and this was very nice.


Overall I had an absolutely fantastic evening at Mango Tree – the cocktails and food were simply amazing, the staff were ultra friendly, nothing was too much trouble for them and they were genuinely lovely. The restaurant itself has a lovely, relaxing atmosphere, it’s very calming and not too noisy – I left feeling very relaxed. I’d definitely recommend this place if you’re a fan of Thai food, if you’re looking to celebrate something or you just want somewhere where you can guarantee good quality food and drink, fantastic service and an all-round great experience.


If you’d like to find out more, Mango Tree have a website HERE.


Otherwise, have a fantastic week!

Sarah xx


*I was invited to Mango Tree to review the restaurant and was compensated for doing so. However, as always my review is 100% honest.