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Having had a lipstick/liner obsession going strong for approximately 4 years now, any new release from a brand I love and regularly use is bound to get my attention. I’ve had a NYX counter in my local Boots for about 6 months now, and recently I noticed it’d been updated and had some new stock brought in. In the corner of the stand lay the Suede Matte Lip Liners, presumably a new release from NYX. I say presumably as I haven’t seen much hype over these on social media, so I’m guessing they’re new? Or seriously underrated… let’s discuss!

NYX Suede Matte Lip Liners – boasting a “velvet, matte finish” with a formula that goes on “super smooth, leaving the perfect base for NYX matte lippies”, it’s really no wonder that these caught my eye. The packaging is simplistic yet beautiful – it’s very similar to the original NYX liners packaging, but they’ve ditched the shiny packaging for matte packaging (ties in with the whole suede matte theme) and I feel like there’s less writing on them. My favourite part? The Suede matte lip liners are made with colours from existing NYX lipsticks – so there’s a perfect lip colour to go with every liner! There’s a total of 27 shades available (although the US NYX site states 36, so I’m getting there’s 9 shades exclusive to the US), and the shades are lipstick shades from the Liquid Suede, Soft Matte Lip Cream and Matte Lipstick collections. As a massive fan of both the Liquid Suedes and the Soft Matte Lip Creams (I’ve not tried the matte lipsticks yet), the Suede liners were something I just had to try.

Finally the perfect shade to go with Sandstorm!

The formula of the suede matte lip liners is incredible and exactly what I would expect from a liner described as “suede matte”. Soft, creamy and pigmented, easy to apply and long lasting. Even with the lightest touch, the colour is instantly visible and you can feel how creamy it is. The liners are insanely pigmented, you don’t need a lot to make an impact on your lips, AND they’re also super long-wearing, so kiss goodbye to topping up your lips every 5 seconds. Obviously it depends on what lipstick you’re wearing as to how often you top up the lipstick, but the liner will be there on your lips for a while!

The formula is also designed to be a good base for NYX matte lipsticks, so by covering your lips with this you’re essentially giving your lips a nice base for your lipstick – I for one know how drying matte liquid lipsticks can be! I’d say the liners are actually creamier and smoother than standard MAC liners, and possibly more pigmented? If I had to compare the suede matte liners to another liner, it’d have to be the Mac Pro-longwear liners from MAC – they’re that much creamier than the normal ones, but a pain to sharpen. Luckily the suede mattes are very easy to sharpen and are just like a normal pencil.


L-R: London, Sandstorm, Soft Spoken, Stockholm, Tea & Cookies

I’ve got 5 different Suede Matte lip liners – London; a beige-toned nude colour perfect for everyday wear, Sandstorm; A pure beige colour perfect for a lighter nude brown lip, Soft Spoken; a relatively dark dusky pink-toned nude shade, ideal for those who want a nude lip with only a slight hint of pink, Stockholm, a pale, slightly peachy nude pink shade, and Tea & Cookies, the ultimate bright summery pink.   There’s a wide variety of colours available, from neutral brown-toned nudes to super-bright purples. There’s definitely something for everyone. 

The price of these liners is also something to consider, as they cost only £4.00 each. £4.00?! You read correctly. NYX are known for their affordable yet high quality products, but I still have to pinch myself at times when products are that good. £13 for one MAC liner, so that’s £12 for three NYX liners… What is this madness?! NYX has such an incredible range of lip liners, ranging from £3 to about £6, so part of me questions why I’d ever go anywhere else to buy my liners when these are so good.

I love that every liner from the Suede Matte lip liner collection has a lipstick pair – so no matter which liner you get from the Suede matte liner range, you’re always guaranteed to have at least one lipstick that’ll go with the liner available to you – and these are affordable too!

Overall I am a huge fan of the Suede Matte lip liners – I’m really loving the shades available and the formula, and for £4 a hit you really can’t go wrong – I’ll definitely be heading back for more in the future. I’d also love to see NYX release more colours in the future (as if 36 isn’t enough!) – maybe release some liners to go with the Lip Lingeries?!


NYX Suede Matte Lip Liners can be found in Boots and Selfridges in the UK for just £4. 

That’s it from me, have a fab week everyone!

Sarah xxx

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